Design , Construction and Maintenance
We have the tools, talent and technical expertise to construct and maintain a variety of transmission configurations.

Our technical team have designed, built, and maintained hundreds of miles of transmission line, structures and foundations-efficiently and safely-while maintaining our focus on each client's goals and system needs.

Our transmission projects span virtually every size, locale, and topography and we have helped clients meet their system requirements.

We can provide comprehensive project development and execution, augment a client's technical staff, or perform specific construction or maintenance tasks.

Over the years, we have developed a keen awareness of the issues and sensitivities associated with transmission sitting and construction. We place towers, poles, and cable in context with environmental, land use, and aesthetic considerations.

Our engineering expertise is matched by a dedication to safe, economical, reliable, and environmentally acceptable power delivery solutions.

Line construction, rebuilds, upgrade, relocation and inspections
Live line maintenance
Grounding resistivity testing
Transmission line Design
Counterpoise installation
System reliability improvements
Fiber optic services
Emergency service restoration
Rigging and heavy hauling
Startup testing
Project and construction management

Design Engineering Services for Transmission line
Our Technical Team have a very large experience in utility industry which gives us a unique understanding of transmission issues.
Our structural engineers have designed and rebuilt hundreds of miles of transmission lines and associated foundations, including complex designs adapted to some of the most rugged terrain.
We use the latest computer software for the design and analysis of structures from 20 kV Steel Pole / Concrete Pole / Wood poles to 525-kV lattice steel towers.
We can also develop load requirements and design drawings for full-scale testing of all types of structures.
Computer-aided transmission line design
Design of structures and foundations
Transmission line upgrades and modifications, re-conductoring design
Detailed job packages-line design, construction staging, conductor sag and tension charts
As per design standards
Load requirements and design drawings for full-scale structural tests
Fiber Optic Overhead Ground Wire (OPGW) design
OPGW and associated material purchase specifications and drawings
Counterpoise design

Procurement and Consulting
Materials engineering and procurement
Development of purchase specifications and drawings
Right-of-way / corridor optimization studies
Regulatory permit consulting and filing
Consulting and training for National Electrical Safety Code
Lightning consulting studies