With the assistance of our experts and technocrats, we are providing different kinds of services to our clients such as; substations & switchyards.
We offer detailed engineering of the project, procurement of equipment and material, construction, testing, and commissioning.
In addition to it,

We are keenly interested in offering following types of services which are as follows:
Site design
Foundation design
Substation design
Ground grid design
Protection & control
OutdSCADA system design
GIS & open air design
Capacitor bank design
Automation & integration
Testing & commissioning
Site surveying and many others

Substation Design and Engineering
We provide engineering and installation services for a wide variety of projects, from new construction to upgrades, both large and small in scope. We have done

Substations up to 400 kV Systems.
We have the technical and practical expertise to design power systems, balancing reliability with economic considerations. We use the latest computer analysis software,
We are employing our engineers' extensive field experience in verifying equipment and system data with a full understanding of the complexities associated with
Engineering, design and installation of substation integration systems
Our design team provides complete project management services including supplier evaluation, engineering, computer-aided design and quality installation of next generation integration systems.
Our turn-key electrical upgrades encompass control, protection and auxiliary equipment. Institutional, industrial and governmental organizations have called on our expertise for construction of new facilities and retrofit of existing facilities.

Specific Services : Station integration/automation and modifications
Relay scheme design and one-line diagrams
Relay and instrumentation calculations and settings
Pilot relay protection channels and equipment
Load metering and aggregation systems
Application and use of sequential event recorders, digital fault recorders, and annunciators
Automated metering and intelligent electronic devices
Integration of protective relay, monitoring, and control systems
Short circuit studies
Vendor evaluation and component selection
Materials engineering and procurement
Development of purchase specifications
Installation of relay and control panels
Calibration of relays and meters
Transient stability studies
Analysis of protective system events
Power factor correction studies
Reliability analysis

Experience :
We have very well experienced team of Electrical Engineering with many years experience in electrical power system , substation , automation and commissioning
We have expertise in major electrical power and industrial system applications.
We understand electrical protection and control systems, substation automation, and SCADA/RTU systems.
We are familiar with the design integration and testing of electrical protection and control systems for generation, transmission, and distribution systems.
We commission and test substation automation systems such as relays, annunciators, RTU’s, substation computers, communication gateways, and substation LAN’s for AIS and GIS substations with voltages up to 765 kV.

Capabilities : Power transformers
Voltage regulators
Circuit breakers
HV switches
Station service equipment
AC / DC systems such as transformers, chargers, batteries, and transfer switches.