Circuit breakers for indoor and outdoor applications with the world's most successful range in medium voltage vacuum and SF6 gas.

Indoor vacuum circuit breaker VD4/R

VD4/R circuit breakers with lateral operating mechanisms can be used in all medium voltage secondary distribution systems and MV/LV transformer substations in factories, industrial workshops and in the services sector. Thanks to installation (on request) of the self-supplied PR521 overcurrent release with microprocessor, the VD4/R breakers are suitable for use in unmanned MV/LV transformer substations without auxiliary power supply.

Vacuum generator circuit breaker VD4G

VD4G is capable of interrupting currents with delayed zero crossings that may occur in the event of faults that are fed from the generator, or faults during synchronization with the high voltage grid. Its interrupting technology enables the withstanding of severe transient recovery voltages (TRV) to protect critical equipment.

Indoor vacuum circuit breaker VD4-AF

VD4-AF is the unique solution based on vacuum technology and an innovative actuation systems to provide a high quality, reliable and efficient solution for arc furnace application. VD4-AF is available for application with rated voltage up to 38 kV, rated current up to 2500 A and breaking capacity up to 31.5 kA, in both fixed and withdrawable execution for Powerbloc enclosure or Unigear ZS3.2 panel for fast and easy integration or replacement.

Indoor vacuum circuit breaker VM1

VM1 circuit breakers are used in primary power distribution for control and protection of cables, overhead lines, substations, motors, transformers, generators, capacitor banks, etc. in plants in chemical industries, steelworks, automobile industries, airports, large buildings and shopping malls. The magnetic drive activates the moving contacts of the interrupters and integrates all the functions of a traditional drive.