High performance noise enclosure guarantees the noise of the set is less than 80dB(A)/m.
Famous brand AC alternator; choose from Stamford, Marathon or Leroy Somer brand alternators
Elegant design and easy operation
Each AOSIF unit is produced based on the most advanced technology and strict quality control
Options: ATS (automatic transfer switch), Canbus, RS232/RS485, mobile trailer, PC remote control

Alternator performance:
Original AVR (automatic voltage regulator) ensures steady output voltage
2/3 winding pitch enables the generator to reach optimal operating performance
Optional PMG (permanent magnet generator) can separately provide the power supply for the excitation system
Protection class: IP21-23 (optional)
Insulation class: H

Rated power: 50Hz (60Hz optional)
Rated speed: 1,500rpm (1,800rpm optional)
Phases: 3-phase, 4-wires
Power factor: 0.8 (lag)
5) Voltage fluctuation: ≤ 0.5%
Frequency fluctuation: ≤ 0.5%
Surge Arresters /Surge Protection Devices