11KV, 22KV & 33KV Panels : ABB UNIGEAR & ABB ZN1
Panels with Vacuum Circuit Breakers VCB and SF6 Circuit Breakers of ABB:
Indoor Type Panels:

Available with current ratings upto 4000A and Short Time Ratings of 26.3/40KA. Panel is designed and type tested to meet the requirements of IEC-60298 / IS :3427. Choice of Aluminum and Copper Busbars.

Outdoor Type Kiosks :
Available with current ratings upto 4000A and Short Time Ratings of 26.3/40KA/44KA. Panel is designed and type tested to meet the requirements of IEC-60298 & IS :3427. Degree of Protection for enclosure upto IP55.

Load Break Switch Panels :
Available in current rating of 400A, 630A and 1250A and STR of upto 31.5KA. Degree of Protection IP4X for Indoor Type & IP5X for Outdoor Kiosks. Here LBS of ABB-Poland make is used with or without Fuses & Earth Switch. Standard Manual operation or Motorised Version available on request

Double Busbar Panels :
DOUBLE BUS Switchgear Panels with Automatic Bus Transfer Schemes are regularly supplied by us. Their utility is the provision of another set of busbars to supply power when one source fails or the flexibility to share the load on the Grid and / or a separate source. Each busbar is connected through Isolators or Circuit Breakers which are mechanically interlocked so that either one of them operates at one time. Enough protective equipment is provided so that power transfer between the busbars takes place smoothly and safely.

12 kV arc-proof air-insulated switchgear ZN1
A compact construction, low maintenance design and an internal arc withstand current rating of 26.3 kA for 1 second that is unique in this sector

Designed for specific needs of the Indian market, ZN1 complies with IEC 62271-200 standards. Made in ABB, it comes with the very best of design and quality built in to deliver the ideal solution for a wide variety of power distribution needs.

Product scope
Rated voltage: 12 kV
Rated main busbar current: 1250 to 2000 A
Rated short time current: 26.3 kA/3s
Rated Feeder current: 1250 A
Internal arc withstand current: 26.3 kA/1s

Switchgear conforms to IEC 62271-200
Designed for classification LSC2B – PM
Designed for fast and easy installation
Constructed using aluminium zinc coated steel and pre-galvanised sheets making it a highly reliable switchgear
Extensible on both sides
Encapsulated PTs with built in fuses
Cable termination height of 600 mm
Factory assembled integral gas duct
Fitted with conventional instrument transformers
Can be offered with ABB’s REF601, REJ601 and other numerical relays for intelligent protection solutions

Why ABB?
Internal arc-proof construction conforming to the classification IAC AFLR
Closed door rack-in and rack-out of circuit-breaker ensuring full safety to the operating personnel, fitted with standard safety interlocks
Provisions of padlocks on shutter, circuit breaker compartment doors, rack in handle insertion
Simple maintenance
Compact and space saving solution with reduced footprints
Indoor Railway Circuit Breakers (GSH II, GSR II, GSR+)
Indoor Vacuum Circuit Breakers (ADVAC, AMVAC, VD4, eVD4, VD4/R, VM1, VMax)
Outdoor Live Tank Circuit Breakers (OHB, OVB-SDB, VBF)
Indoor Gas Insulated Circuit Breakers (HD4, HD4/R)
Outdoor Dead Tank Circuit Breakers (R-Breaker, R-MAG, V-Breaker)
Outdoor Railway Circuit Breakers & Load Break Switches (FSGII, FSKII +, GSLII, IT25)
GSx II (Indoor single-phase breakers with magnetic actuator, up to 40.5 kV, 2500 A)
ADVAC (primary distribution spring mechanism 5 - 15 kV (ANSI)
eVD4 (primary distribution with sensors, protection, control unit 12 - 17,5 kV (IEC)
eVD4 (primary distribution with sensors, protection, control unit) 12 - 17,5 kV (IEC)
VM1 high duty (primary distribution magnetic actuator 12 - 24 kV (IEC)
VMAX (primary distribution spring mechanism 12 - 17.5 kV (IEC); 15 kV (ANSI)
AMVAC (primary distribution magnetic actuator 5 - 27 kV (ANSI)
VD4 (primary distribution spring mechanism 12-36 kV (IEC)
VD4/R/S (secondary distribution spring mechanism 12 - 24 kV (IEC)
VM1 low/mid duty (primary distribution magnetic actuator 12 - 24 kV (IEC)
OHB (SF6 (IEC)24 - 40.5 kV1250 - 2500 A)
VBF Vacuum (IEC) 36 kV 1600 A
OVB-SDB Vacuum (IEC / ANSI) 15 kV 1600 A